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Pristitrope – Zoetrope with 18 LCD screens and smart rotation

Pristitrope 01 copy

Created by Quinten Swagerman, Jasper van Loenen and Mr. Stock, the Pristitrope is a modification of the zoetrope, a pre-cinematic optical toy that shows short, looped animations. Instead of using static illustrations, Pristitrope is equipped with 18 tiny LCD screens, merging a digital way of showing images with an analogue way of showing their movement.

The machine knows in which direction it is turning. Therefore, basic interactivity is possible, for example in the form of simple game structures or choices within a clockwise/counterclockwise narrative. if you turn the device clockwise, particular story is told. Turning the device in the oposite direction, the stroy can change altogether.

The device is made out of several layers of milled wood. It uses a Beaglebone to control the 18 Nokia knock-off screens. Editing the code is done trough a wireless ssh connection so you the device doesn’t need to be opened for each update.

Quinten Swagerman | Jasper van Loenen | Mr. Stock

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  • thomas

    neat project!