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Replicants – Collection of 3D printed facial studies by Lorna Barnshaw


Created by UK-based artist Lorna Barnshaw, Replicants is a collection of 3D printed facial studies, each created using a different computer application, software, and printing method as an output source. The aim of the project is to replicate reality as closely as possible, interfering the least with the technological processes of transformation – moving humanity through a digital filter and bringing it back into the physical world.

The result is a series of mask-like sculptures, with characteristics unique to each computer platform used — one of the pieces used an autodesk program as its modifier, which turns photographs into 3D models to be printed. the outcome manipulated the facial elements into unusually shaped representations of themselves. another study, whose output method was cubify, is a highly abstracted, geometric reinterpretation of the human face. influenced by our technology driven society, barnshaw’s survey explores the constant supply of digital advances and its assimilation into daily life. – reports designboom

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Posted on: 20/08/2013

Posted in: Objects

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