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RGB Colorspace Atlas by Tauba Auerbach



Created by Tauba Auerbach is the 8 x 8 x 8-inch hard-back book illustrating the RGB gradient in a page-by-page format. Using a digital offset print on paper with airbrushed cloth cover, the book shows the full gradient of blue axis offset. The special binding was co-designed by the artist herself in collaboration with Daniel E. Kelm, and were printed at Wide Awake Garage, an independent bookbinder, with help from Leah Hughes.

Below is also the simulation of one of the books (blue axis) showing the all 3632 pages.

Tauba Auerbach


/via designboom

  • Johny

    Nice waste of ink and paper.

  • Freeman

    Wow, amazing sculptural art, and interactive besides! Beautiful.

  • Ale

    Quite postmodern: beautiful and empty!

  • Love this, elegant, simple, and beautiful.

  • How did they deal with the differences in gamut? If they haven’t then it’s a pretty much empty gesture…

  • Simon Zwick

    Sorry, that is not the RGB colorspace. It’s impossible to print that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subtractive_color

  • VinnieM

    is it possible to buy that book?

  • sterne

    Nice waste of commentary