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SimpSymm – Complex procedural geometry for 3d printing


Christoph Bader & Dominik Kolb (deskriptiv) are currently working on an algorithm as an application that produces procedural sculptures ready for 3D printing.

The software, currently designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet, allows for the creation of complex symmetrical shapes using a set of pre-defined criteria. The software transforms simple input geometry into complex geometry through a series of procedural “generations”. Each generation can be controlled using a set of parameters such as rotation and offset. The output includes a consistent and clean topology of objects including a closed 2-manifold geometry ready for 3d printing. See video below.

SimpSymm on Behance | deskriptiv | Flickr


  • Joey ELem

    When will the program Simp Symm be released ?

  • jb coulter

    Sign me up!

  • Antony Innit

    The technical aspect is amazing. Do you think that they would make a famous book with this geometry? same as enst haeckel geometries? what’s the difference almost?!