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Troblion [Objects]


Troblion is an autonomous spherical robot that rolls in an oval partially irrigated sandbox. Following very simple programmed rules the sphere creates a variety of different motion characteristics that can be interpreted as emotions. While it is rolling, it builds a layer of hardened sand on its outer surface giving ability to Troblion to change its appearance as the new skin dries and falls off.

Troblion is the graduation project of Stefan Schwabe at Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design Halle, Germany.

Its naked artificial skin gets hidden in a natural structure. But the more its layer is growing, the heavier it gets. Finally as Troblion is not able to move any more, it needs to shell the sand off by deforming its silicon skin. Not till then it is able to move again. The fragments which remain from the sand layer are leftover pieces of gathered dust which indicate Troblion’s existence in space…

“In my theory I discussed what makes artificial and inanimate objects appear to have a soul. I looked at the fundamental definitions of what we feel being natural or artificial, what is life, and how we perceive things that retain some aspects of life in them, and eventually, how these features could lead to new media design, through materiality or behavior, that creates richer objects we interact and interface with in everyday life”

Troblion uses arduino nano and 3 dc motors and an accelerometer.