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TSUMIKI [c++, Objects]


Created by a newly formed sister company of Aircord.jp: PPP, TSUMIKI is a new series of toys that incorporate computer vision to both recognise physical blocks and project content onto them.

The idea behind PPP (Permanent Play Project) is to explore new ways of “playing” for the next generation.  They rearrange longtime beloved toys such as blocks to bring a whole new value to them. In TSUMIKI, various forest animals appear on the blocks according to the ways you stack them. When two sets of blocks are placed close to each other, it would be in the communication mode, where the animals greet to each other or play together. You can also play with numbers using the toy blocks. When you place the blocks in an order, a number would appear each time at random and their equation is projected on the blocks.

PPP is dedicated to create “unchanging ways of playing” and “future ways of playing” through various fields including contents creation, product design, space design and more.

Software to manage the projection was written in C++. OpenCV libraries help identify the objects in 3D space and respond with different visual formations and content. The setup includes the playing blocks together with similar in material housing for projector and camera. It is not clear whether the computer is contained within the same housing or whether it is something you connect to already existing PC/Mac.

More at ppp.aircord.co.jp

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    Love iT! can we develop ideias for this :)