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Vestalia – Candle light that can be ignited and extinguished by a switch

Some projects come unnoticed but they deserve to be in the CAN archive. Created by Stefan Schwabe sometime last year, Vestalia is an automated candle light which runs in an enclosed environment under a bell jar. The candle can be ignited and extinguished by a switch. This is achieved by air that circulates using fans, while smoke gets filtered and blown away. “Vestalia illustrates the mixed blessing of technification. Thus it may be regarded as a future gadget conserving the romantic past.”

Created during Stefan’s second year of Design Interactions at the RCA. See more recent  The Kernels of Chimaera – Living Artefacts by Stefan Schwabe DI RCA 2012 / Troblion [Objects]

(photo above Daniel Foster-Smith)


Posted on: 27/11/2012

Posted in: Arduino, Objects

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