Arduino, openFrameworks
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Aleph of Emotions – Device for Emotional States of Cities Around the World

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Created by Mithru Vigneshwara, Aleph of Emotions is an interactive object that allows users to view worldwide emotions collected from tweets collected over 35 days in 2012. Using openFrameworks, Arduino, GPS module and a smart phone (Samsung device in video, iPod Touch later – image above) the camera-like interface allows users to point along a particular direction, focus to a place along that direction and click to view a visualisation of emotions in that place. The intention is to explore and find patterns in human emotions with relation to space and time.

Mithru Vigneshwara on Vimeo

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Project is part of Coded Transformations, an exhibition opening 10 January 2013 6:30 PM at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore and featuring also Andreas Schlegel, Dhiya Muhammad, Vladimir Todorovic, Mohamad Riduan, Mithru Vigneshwara, Judith Lee.

See the exhibition’s in-progress images on Andreas’ blog.