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Blinkdrink – iPhone as a sound-reactive drink coaster?

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Created by Bradley Simpson, Blinkdrink is a simple provocation to imagine new modes of interacting with screen-based technologies, taking the experience of the 2-d screen and extending it into 3-d space, and having fun with it. Simply put by Bradley – Blinkdrink invites the user to put their drink on top of their iPhone and uses the built-in microphone to listen to ambient audio whether it be a conversation or music and visualize it through the refraction of the glass and liquid inside of it.

Blinkdrink transforms your phone from “that thing you play with when no one is talking to you at the bar” into a pint-sized party. Open the app, choose your color, and put your drink on top. Blinkdrink uses the prism of your poison to keep time to whatever song is playing around you. You’re thinking, “iPhone as coaster? Sounds like a bad idea.” Well we put a lot of drinks on top of phones while making this thing- the only bad ideas generally happened afterward.

Blinkdrink was created using openFrameworks and uses simple audio processing (FFT filtering) to clean up the incoming microphone audio signal and smooth the input to provide consistent and reactive visuals.

Download from AppStore ($0.99) | Project Page

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  • FookedonHonix

    Wait a minute. You want me to put my sweaty glass on my iphone?