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Bloom Skin – The wave installation for Elttob Tep Issey Miyake


Created by WOW Inc and programmed by Takashi Aoki and Fumihito Anzai, Bloom Skin is an installation for the display window of Elttob Tep Issey Miyake. The project is comprised a very light and thin cloth ‘organdie’ with 8 fans controlling the waving in the air.

Using openFrameworks app, the 8 fans produce varying amount of uplift to create a wave effect of the 16m long installation. At every 4 or so meters the fabric is fixed to the vertical cables providing enough horizontal constraint for the wave to move in the desired direction.

Credits: Creative Director: Takuma Nakazi; Art Directors/Designers: Daisuke Moriwaki Takuma Nakazi Shingo Abe; Programmers: Takashi Aoki Fumihito Anzai; Producer: Kazuhiko Kameda; Music Composer: Masato Hatanaka

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Posted on: 29/01/2013

Posted in: openFrameworks

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