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Cell [openFrameworks, Kinect]

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Created by James Alliban and Keiichi Matsuda for the Alpha-Ville festival, Cell is an interactive installation that explores notions of online identity by mirroring the visitors in the form of randomly assigned personalities mined from online profiles. It aims to get the visitors thinking about the way in which we use social media to fabricate our second selves, and how these constructed personae define and enmesh us. As users enter the space they are assigned a random identity. Over time, tags floating in the cloud begin to move towards and stick to the users until they are represented entirely as a tangled web of data seemingly bringing together our physical and digital selves.

In addition to Microsoft’s support in this project, Brighton based agency Matchbox Mobile were also involved and contributed ofxMSKinect, an openFrameworks addon for the official Kinect SDK. One of the main advantages of using this over the hacked drivers is the auto user recognition, we no longer need to pull the calibration stance which can be a big barrier in a piece such as Cell. In addition to depth/skeleton tracking, the potential for utilising the voice recognition capabilities is an exciting prospect for the interactive arts community. This will be integrated into ofxMSKinect in the coming months. One thing to note that if you intend to use official Microsoft Kinect SDK, which is required for the above, please pay close attention to the SDK licence.

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