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Clock01 – 06 [iPhone]



Rhizomatiks, an interactive, web and graphic design agency based in Tokyo, have just released a set of 6 clock applications for the iPhone called the “Clock series” with each app exploring graphic representation of time and utilizing iPhone’s accelerometer.

Each app is unique and fun in it’s own right, exploring how the time could be shown and how you may interact with various aspects of the visualization of time. All six apps are Free and available in the AppStore now.

Created with openFrameworks

For more great clock apps, see here.

Clock06 App Store the latest addition. The app shows 6 number elements hanging on strings which is affected by some form of gravitational force. As you rotate the screen, the letters bounce around. You can also touch the strings which would again cause them to contract and further affect the numbers. (my favorite)

Clock05 App Store

…is a 5 rotation slider where numbers are oriented towards how you are holding the iphone. As you rotate the iphone, the numbers change orientation.

Clock04 App Store

..shows three circles populated by small black circles. Bacteria like scenario where each cluster behaves somewhat different. Similar to clock03, numbers change orientation as you rotate the screen.

Clock03 App Store

..shows sliding lines of numbers at 60 degree angle. Almost adopting pixel art graphics, each number is shown using a different colour.

Clock02 App Store

..another play of numbers, each digit is piled on top of another with the seconds sliding across the screen. As the minute expires, seconds are refreshed in the spring like effect.

Clock01 App Store

..Lines of numbers angled at 45 degrees slide right to left with the actual time shown in shades of red. All other numbers are displayed in shades of grey.

Clock01 – 06 [iPhone] from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.