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CLOUDS Interactive Documentary – Exploring creativity through code


RGB-D and “Clouds” needs no introduction on CAN but it is exciting that the project authors, James George and Jonathan Minard have just launched a Kickstarter to complete their interactive film and they need our support!

CAN featured the project a number of times already. First time on the interwebs back in February 2011, then only known as Kinect NYC Subway, followed by the first recordings of the film at the Art && Code event organised by the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, then Eyeo Festival and their most recent participation at our own Resonate festival in Belgrade where James and Jonathan ran a workshop and completed a large number of recordings which constitute good part of the final project.

Over the last year the team has captured interviews with over 30 new media artists, curators, designers, and critics, using this new 3D cinema format called RGBD. CLOUDS presents a generative portrait of this digital arts community in a videogame-like environment. The artists inhabit a shared space with their code-based creations, allowing you to follow your curiosity through a network of stories. The interview subjects in CLOUDS include Bruce SterlingCasey ReasDaniel ShiffmanGolan LevinGreg BorensteinJer ThorpJesse Louis-RosenbergJessica RosenkrantzJosh NimoyKarolina SobeckaKarsten “Toxi” SchmidtKyle McDonaldLindsay HowardRegine DebattySatoru HigaShantell MartinTheodore WatsonVera GlahnZachary Lieberman and many more.

The final CLOUDS documentary will come in the form of an application for Mac or Windows, presenting a full-screen, immersive, interactive audio-visual experience. If you are in the NYC area, consider also donating for a ticket to their launch at Eyebeam in Chelsea. There you’ll see the film presented as an installation, meet the filmmakers and catch a few CLOUDS participants in person.

So, enough talk, lets make it happen! Please Support today!

James George (@obviousjim) is a media artist using code to critically interact with the implications of emerging technology. In the process of creating installations and videos he shares his process open source so that others may express themselves using the tools he develops.

Jonathan Minard (@deepspeedmedia) is a new-media documentarian with a background in anthropology. His work follows cultural shifts at the frontiers of technology and art, and develops new cinematic techniques for crafting stories of invention and discovery.

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  • Gabriele

    where can I download it?

  • nervusvagus

    I downloaded it. It is insanely complicated and unedited. I understand it talks about coding but editing a movie was invented what like 150 years ago? I tried to watch it with my wife and her comment after 5 minutes was “..this is all cliche bullshit…” it was a very sad moment.