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Darkstar: Gold [openFrameworks]


Commissioned by Hyperdub Records, sembler directed/animated/programmed the music video for Darkstar’s first single off their new album, North. Titled ‘Gold’ the video is an artistic representation of the concept of memetic contagion i.e. an idea as something that you can catch, that finds a host in the mind of a person.

To create the 3D point clouds of Darkstar’s heads, the team used Kyle Mcdonald‘s open source structured light scanner. By projecting three phases of a cosine pattern across the faces of Darkstar they produced accurate 3D models of each member. After Effects was used to further animate the individual points. If you’d like to have a play yourself, you can download Kyle’s 3D Structured Light Scanner here (Processing or oF available).

Particles were written in C++ with using openFrameworks. Since the team was relying on lots of open source software, they plan to release the code so other people could play around with it. Expect it here within the next couple of days.

You can also have a play with the processing applet here.

Directed/Animated by Evan Boehm (
Director of Photography: Mark Adcock (
Programming: Max Worgan
Photography: Matt Wilson

Created with After Effects, Cinema4d and openFrameworks.

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