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Deserve – Interactive visual experiment for Bruzed by Nick Hardeman

Created by Nick Hardeman for the music track by Bruzed, Deserve is an interactive visual experiment that comes as a stand alone OSX app. The app begins with a curated cue of audio reactive visuals responding to the audio track’s FFT data, together with an alternate ‘live audio input’ mode that allows for any audio input to drive a limited set of the visuals.

The application is built in openFrameworks with 3d models animated and rigged in Blender and exported to the FBX file format and loaded into openFrameworks using ofxFBX. The group of creatures follows simple flocking behaviour to simulate a herd, inspired by the Gallimimus herd in Jurassic Park. The human head is animated programmatically by controlling the bones in theFBX model. A video example of interactively controlling the bones and eyes is available here. Finally, the collisions are detected using ofxBullet as the physics engine.

NOTE: You may have to change your preferences to use the application. System Preferences > Securty & Privacy > Allow Applications Downloaded from > Anywhere

Project PageNick Hardeman | Download Here (OSX)