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DoflBall [iPad, openFrameworks]


Created by Dofl Y.H Yun of FirstbornDolfBall is an “air hockey” type game, fun for people and animals alike. Named after Firstborn Senior Developer, DoflBall meshes the iPad’s touchscreen capabilities with engaging and fun multiplayer gameplay.

Dofl and the Firstborn team created this simple “air hockey” type game where players fling a “ball” back and forth across the screen, holding down two fingers to create a deflection. Participants can play with a friend or against the app. Dofl even enlisted his cat to be a test subject—while she didn’t totally understand the rules it proved to be a great way to keep Dof’s furry friend entertained for hours.

Watch Cat Vs Dog demo below.

Made with openFrameworks + ofxiPhone + ofxBox2d.

Platform: iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: Free
Developer: Firstborn

  • Guest

    Name Fail: This app is called the DOFL Ball

  • tudd ster

    I wish my cat was that jumpy. Mine would just sleep on the tablet. :(