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Fat Tag Deluxe Meet Projector [iPhone, openFrameworks]

GML Week continues: Fat Tag Deluxe we wrote about earlier meets projector using Apple’s private framework (code developers are not allowed to include in official releases). Now, this is the best part:

First 10 comments here get a custom Fat Tag Deluxe – Katsu Editon with projector output sent to them. [ ps it requires dropping a bit of cash on a fancy white apple cable for it to be any use ].

>> Now head over to and leave that comment fast! <<

(Thanks Theo)

Posted on: 08/01/2010

Posted in: iOS, openFrameworks

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    • David Wärnberg

      WOHOOO hit me up with this hot baby!

    • Filip

      Need to leave a comment here:

    • moonliner

      Sweet app…send it!

    • yair

      me me me

    • Chris

      Looks amazing

    • matrushka


    • Matt

      really cool!

    • Parallell

      Woooo fatmobil !

    • David Galavotti

      Awesome… love Fat Tag.

    • TrevorML

      brilliant looking app.. love to try it out… :-)

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