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Fracture [iPhone]


Created by James Alliban and inspired by Cubist work, Fracture is an iPhone application that allows you to paint cubist style portraits using your own photographs. As in cubist art, the photos are analysed according to their colour composition, then broken up and re-assembled to new triangle based composition not loosing the sight of the original subject. In Fracture, you can choose up to six different photographs from your library of camera, preferably from different angles and create new photo assemblages. Various options are included such as the ability to adjust outline and shape alpha, blur the content of triangle, average the colour and other. By “drawing” on the screen you endlessly overlay your photographs with segments of the six photos generating unique and very successful cubist like composition.

To see more examples, visit Fracture Flickr group.

Created using openFrameworks.

See also Self Portrait? and the WiiMote portrait generator by James.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: James Alliban

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