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Fragile Tension / Depeche Mode [openFrameworks]



Memo (The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company) has just posted information about the recent project he has has been working on, graphics for the Depeche Mode video single “Fragile Tension”, directed by Rob Chandler & Barney Steel of The Found Collective, commissioned by John Moule.

The video includes dancers that were filmed, and along with footage of the band, fed into custom openFrameworks app. The software analyzes the footage, and in real-time outputs visualizations based on motion and numerous user-controlled parameters to adjust the behaviour, look & feel, various different modes etc. – later to be composited and finished in a traditional post-production workflow. The particles, etched and fluid effects have all been created using the oF app created by Memo. Watch the HD version here.

Memo is know for his extensive work on the add-ons for openFrameworks including one that made openFrameworks possible on the iPhone. The code used in the above project is based on MSAFluid (googlecode) add-on.

(partly) made with openFrameworks.

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