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“Hana” by Andreas Müller allows iOS devices to dream about flowers

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For decades artists have been exploring generative systems – carefully developed computer algorithms that through time produce beautiful complexity. Likewise scientists run endless complex simulations and scenarios on super computers day in day out that no human would ever be able to compute. What if computers could take a break from all these instructions and through a set of simple rules have a dream of their own? In 2006, Andreas Müller created Hana, a mac screensaver that allowed computers to dream about flowers. The same application is now available for the iOS devices.

The idea is that no process of creating the flowers is hidden from the computer, therefore the software incorporates no bitmaps not created through code by the computer and no decisions made in the program that the computer can not follow the logic of in the code.

Hana began life in 2006 and previewed at OFFF in Lisbon in 2008. Andreas kept the progress of the project public on Flickr and soon after Hana was made available for Mac. In 2008, Hana was featured on the label in the form of a screensaver ultimately waiting to be feature on what is known today as FRAMED label. Since the original app was created using openFrameworks and openGL, it was only recently that Andreas implemented openGLES 2 in openFrameworks making the port to the iOS platform possible.

Hana has no features for the user. Tap to open and enjoy.

Available for both iPhone and iPad in the AppStore as a FREE download.

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Hana for iOS

Hana for Mac