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Hand tracking gesture experiment with iisu middleware and oF

gesture 02

Created by Ben McChesney at Helios Interactive, is this handtracking gesture experiment using openFrameworks and the latest release of the iisu 3.5 – gesture recognition middleware, compatible with all 3D cameras. The video shows Ben using a grasping hand to draw 3D ribbons based on the hand position or navigating the camera within 3D space.

One of the features the team are excited about is the Close Interaction Mode which allows for a more detailed API based on hand and finger tracking. Users can use a hand pose gesture to easily toggle between drawing and camera mode. Ben also believes that the long range interaction should work with a kinect. He tested the iisu middleware with the ASUS xtion, Panasonic D-Imager, and the Depthsense. He ads that the close range mode will only work with the SoftKinetic Depthsense 311 camera.

The code for the whole project and several examples are available on the company’s github :

Examples include : User Representation , Skeleton Tracking, and Close Range Hand Tracking. These examples are written for visual studio 2010 with OF version 0071.The code for the ribbons is based off of an old flocking example by roxlu. The Ribbon source can be found on Ben’s github.

The application in the video below is running on a Samsung transparent LCD panel which displays white pixels as being transparent.

iisu | Helios Interactive