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iQ Font [openFrameworks]



Two typographers ( Pierre & Damien / ) and a pro race pilot (Stef van Campenhoudt) collaborated to design a font with a Toyota iQ car. The car movements were tracked using custom software built with OpenFrameworks designed by Zach Lieberman. The set-up consists of an airplane hangar, overhead camera and the car with four markers. As the car sways from side to side, the points get near and far apart to one another creating splines that overlap in a very organic and poetic way. Font was post-processed by Pierre & Damien and available for you to download here: See also more “making of” pictures on flickr.

OpenFrameworks is a c++ library designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation developed by Zach Lieberman together with Theodore Watson and the OF community. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, Linux and most recently the iPhone.

Zachary Lieberman’s work uses technology in a playful and enigmatic way to explore the nature of communication and the delicate boundary between the visible and the invisible. He creates performances, installations, and on-line works that investigate gestural input, augmentation of the body, and kinetic response. See more more info or follow Zach on Twitter here.

UPDATE 23.07.2009:
Zach has just posted openFrameworks source code used in the tracking of the car. If you would like to have a play yourself, see this post on openFrameworks forums.

iQ font – When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.