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It’s You, All the Universe is Full of the Lives… [Unity, openFrameworks]

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‘It’s You’ and ‘All the Universe is Full of the Lives of Perfect Creatures’ are two most recent projects by Karolina Sobecka, previously a Creative Director at The Ebeling Group’s motion graphic studio Convert, now one of the founding members of Flighphase. Two projects shown here were created combining Unity and openFrameworks, exploring one to one relationship between the viewer and mirror, addressing topics of self-awareness, empathy and non-verbal communication.

“All the Universe is Full of the Lives of Perfect Creatures” is a single person mirror installation where viewer’s movement and expressions are mimicked by an animal’s head which is overlaid on the viewer’s reflection. A different animal appears every time a person walks in front of the mirror. The custom application was created by combining Unity and openFrameworks uses FaceTracker library from Jason Saragih and consequently ofxFaceTracker addon by Kyle McDonald.

Recently a neural mechanism has been discovered that explains how we get experiential insight of other minds.  Mirror neurons activate when we perform an action as well as when we watch someone perform an action, and thus have been implicated in imitation learning.  In addition to acting on the motor centers, mirror neurons have been theorized to play a role in ‘theory of mind’ concepts such as emotional recognition or contagion.  Emotional contagion is based on interpreting the emotional state of another being expressed through physical features. more..

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It’s You is an interactive storefront-window projection that explores the mechanisms of public behaviors and the line between the real and constructed social actions. The installation is a rear projection on large storefront window. Human figures crowd around something that they obscure from the pedestrian’s view. When the pedestrian stands behind them, as if to look over their shoulders, they step aside to allow him a view onto what they’re looking at. The installation was made using a number of different tools. Blender3d was used for building the models, Unity3d for the animation and interaction and openFrameworks and openTSPS for camera capture and animation trigger.

Audience exposes the dramatic mechanisms of spectatorship, public gatherings and how they effect individual actions. The viewer is acknowledged and becomes a part of the ad-hock audience, and then the object of its scrutiny. He or she is inadvertently caught up in the social dynamic of curiosity and spectatorship, and invited to examine its nature. more…

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