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Latest “drawing” experiments by Kynd / openFrameworks

kynd_drawing01 copy

Latest set of “drawing” experiments by Kynd continue to impress. We already wrote about Kynd’s work some months ago where he used openFrameworks to create pencil-like drawings of photographs. This new set, once again using openFrameworks includes sand drawings, pink bacteria dance and a quick study on watercolor-like texture. Whereas realism/replica may be the starting point for many of Kynd’s pieces, I particularly enjoy when they begin to develop a life of their own – especially the case of pink bacteria (reaction–diffusion?) and sand.  See videos below.

One of my favorite but probably not very well know works of Pablo Picasso are his series of Las Meninas, which is based on Velázquez’s masterpiece of the same title. He created those 58 paintings by picking up different parts of the original and re-interpreting them into his unique style…

His blog + more examples on his vimeo