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MOC [openFrameworks]


MOC by Lab212 explores the relationship between sound and image through simple interactions and fun. Exhibited in the French Institute of Meknes (Moc à Meknès, Maroc, à l’occasion du FICAM10.), MOC is an imaginary landscape that passes in front of the viewer. Whistling into a microphone, a tree grows: its shape will evolve in real time based on the sound produced. At each pause, the tree stops growing. At the sound of the voice, random fantastic animals will emerge in the forest.

– microphone on a stand
– 2.30 x 2.30m retroprojected screen
– videoprojector and a mirror
– custom software written in C++/openFrameworks

Cyril of Lab212 was kind enough to provide some details:
The app extracts the dominant bin of the sound frequency to grow each branches at a certain angle. When the difference between the base angle and the last one reaches a certain value, the branch splits etc.. Because of the way we’re currently drawing the leafs (ofImages with their own matrix), we quickly faced performance issues. So we moved the points of the branches from vectors/ofPolys to vbo/gl_triangle_strip which saved a lot of CPU resources. Also, now, when a whistling is complete the whole tree is drawn on a FBO thanks to ofxFBOTexture addon. That also added lot more fps! But for the next show of the installation we’ll try to move the leafs from ofImages to vbos which should completely remove the lag you may encounter in this version.

Béatrice Lartigue – artistic direction & design
Cyril Diagne – software development

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