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Monstermaker + Green Power [openFrameworks]


Fun and engaging interactive installations by spta with Luis and Felix, two students based in Berlin. Inspired by Todd Vanderlin´s Mask Video, the duo started with a simple face-tracking application which progressed to animated masks, with each one with it´s own little story. The end result are wonderful interactive pieces that look like a lot of fun. Three fun videos embedded below, one the monstermaker and another project by spta: “Green Power – be a politician”.

It took us several months to transform human beings into wild, colourful, dancing and screaming monsters, but it finally worked! There are two kinds of monsters you can mutate into: the bad ones, edgy and snarling in red, orange and pink or the good ones, roundy and innocent in green, blue and yellow. If you pipe up, the monster opens it´s trap, too.

Have you ever seen politicians dancing in front of an interactive installation? YES WE DID! The party “BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN” celebrated their best vote in history – to the surprise of all, we created a funny installation with animated politician-masks that included green power and many clichés!

Made with openFrameworks and and a combination of ofxHairFinder and ofxContourFinder + thanks to openCV.

Green Power – Demo Video from spta on Vimeo.