Arduino, openFrameworks
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Nelson – Tiny device that helps push a switch on everyday objects

Created by Maxime Castelli at ECAL (Bachelor Media & Interaction Design), Nelson is a tiny connected module designed to bring life (remotely) to everyday objects. It’s based on a very simple foreward and backward movement as we do in the everyday life, like pushing a switch.

By being always connected to the internet, the device allows user to trigger any setup that requires a simple button push/press/move. The project was designed and built with the help of the designer Arthur Didier, and is the completion of Maxime’s studies at ECAL. It is based on Arduino (Sparkfun Pro Micro 5V) and connected to the internet thanks to a Wi-Fi module ESP-8266 (model ESP-12). These control a Servo motor to make the movement. The application was made with openFrameworks.

Project Page | ECAL

Project by ECAL/Maxime Castelli
Tutors: Alain Bellet, Cyril Diagne, Gael Hugo, Christophe Guignard, Vincent Jacquier
Assistants : Matthieu Minguet, Laura Perrenoud, Tibor Udvari
ECAL / University of Art and Design, Lausanne Switzerland