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Nuits Sonores / Installation by *is this good?* and LFA architects

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ITG_NS__0000_Layer 5

For the French music festival Nuits Sonores, London based collective “is this good?” (Neil Mendoza, Marek Bereza, Mathew Holloway and Chris Cairns) built an interactive pyramid in collaboration with Lyon based architects LFA. The installation was the link between the inside and outside part of the festival and consisted of a pyramid covered with LEDs and six projection mapped screens inside the warehouse that echoed the shape of the pyramid. At the start of the night people’s movements controlled the lighting and the visuals. As the night progressed, and the pyramid became full of people, the lighting and visuals became generative and audio-reactive.

This project was written in OpenFrameworks and used various addons including ofxPostProcessing for graphics effects and ofxXmlGui for the interface. Six Kinects were used to track people as they walked over the pyramid. The Kinects were connected to three Mac Minis, that were attached to the roof of the warehouse near the Kinects, and sent people’s locations over ethernet. The lighting consisted of 120 RGB LED strips that were controlled using DMX. The screens were projection mapped using three projectors and the total resolution of the app including the interface was 7680 x 1080.

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