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‘Obake’ (o-baa-keh) – 2.5D interaction gestures to manipulate 3D surfaces

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Created by Dhairya Dand and Robert Hemsley, the project seeks to develop gestures to evolve three-dimensional surfaces using 2.5D interaction. Learning from existing displays which are two-dimensional and using optical illusion and depth sensing cameras, the flat elastic surface is used as a way to manipulate surfaces and objects in three-dimensional space. The project is called ‘Obake’ (o-baa-keh) imagines what if our screens were elastic, we could literally pinch and pull them.

In the example below the user is able to create mountains by pulling them out of the screen, draw rivers with fingers, elevate the entire terrain to see a cut section. The project is in development and currently only shows the working prototype with a topographical simulator.

The install was built using linear actuators, liquid rubber casted into a screen, Kinect, Projector. The software was written using openFrameworks.

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  • zzhengg

    I can imagine modelling 3D organic forms with this (imagine clayoo t-splines). Great job!