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Overscan [openFrameworks]

Overscan04 copy

Overscan by SoSoLimited is a permanently installed TV remixing artwork at a bar in Cambridge, MA (USA). Live television is fed into a PC running custom software, which analyzes, re-processes, and mutates the video signal and text data coming from the broadcast, and then puts the result up across five televisions behind the bar.

Custom software created in openFrameworks looks for patterns in the video, such as faces, and maintains a memory of what it has seen. The text of the closed caption feed is extracted and analyzed with language processing software. Certain words, such as emotional language and selected topics, are highlighted and recorded. Repetitive phrases are cataloged and displayed, verb tenses analyzed and compared, and faces are tracked and counted. The bar staff can choose which channel is fed into the system, but other than that, it runs on its own, moving through a dozen different ‘modes’ or ‘abstractions’ throughout the day.

Setup: Regular HP desktop computer, nVidia graphics card, 2 x Matrox DualHeadToGo external DVI doublers, 5 x 40 ” Samsung LCD’s,  C++, openFrameworks & a custom-hacked version of Theo Watson’s videoInput library to process Closed Caption data.

The piece was commissioned by Gary Strack, the chef and owner of Firebrand Saints.

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