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Pencil Drawing [openFrameworks]

Kynd uses openFrameworks to create pencil-like drawings of photographs:

Pencils has been the most primitive or the most basic drawing and writing tool since around the last century. It also was the one of the primary tools when I was in an art school and has been my best friend since then. Trying to simulate the tone of pencil sketches with programing codes, I reacknowledged that the beauty of of the tool lies in the delicate control of the blackness, strength and thickness of of lines, which I could hardly achieve in some of my attempts so far.

Post on his blog + more examples on his vimeo

See also Mycelium [Processing] - Fungal hyphae growth using images as food – by Ryan Alexander

    • Christian Zander

      I’d like to point your attention to this project:

    • Stefaan

      Ik zie wel potentieel in deze werkwijze alleen is een manuele
      afwerking/toets gewenst om meer accent te leggen.
      Wat doet dit programma met bv. gebouwen?