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Puppet Parade – Kinect Arm Tracker by Design-io

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When Kinect was released almost two years ago we say a wave of projects/experiments that showed what could be done. One project especially stood out that took peoples imagination but also demonstrated ingenuity and innovative application not seen before. This quick installation prototype by Theo Watson and Emily Emily Gobeille ( allowed skeleton tracking on the arm and determining where the shoulder, elbow, and wrist is, using it to control the movement and posture of the giant bird. Now, almost a year and half later the duo released their code at the recent Eyeo festival.

The app and code available on GitHub is offered as open source for your projects or prototypes. If you are interested in using it in a commercial context You will need to contact design-io. Rightfully Theo and Emily ask you not to use it to copy any existing projects from other artists/designers/companies (including them).

The free stand alone app included sends the arm data out of OSC ( open sound control ). The format for the osc data is the following. osc address: “armTracker” arg 0: shoulder angle – float – degrees arg 1: elbow angle – float – degrees arg 2: wrist angle – float – degrees arg 3: thumb angle – float – degrees. By default the app binds to port 9555 of the broadcast address. So packets are sent to all computers on the network. If you don’t have a router it should default to If you want to override the ip address and set a specific one edit the file “data/oscIP.xml” NOTE: the receive test app is hardcoded to port 9555.

Made with openFrameworks 0071 – download from

You can grab the app here | Source code is available here. |

  • Chris Rojas

    You guys are the best. Excellent talk at the EyeO Festival!