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pxl by Rainer Kohlberger – Playfully abstract compositions for your iOS device

pxlsample65-700x466 copy

pxl allows you to create abstract compositions out of your own photos. Choose between 9 different styles, pinch to change the image resolution or shake your device to randomly compile an image out of all possibilities available. Also included is ability to share your images on Twitter or Facebook, send your compositions via Email or save them to your Photo Album.

Whereas those familiar with oF may find familiar/already seen pixel to shape conversion techniques, others will find it fun and easy to create playfully abstract compositions.

See video of app in action here + this great tutorial by Atsushi Tadokoro on how to get started with Photo apps and openFrameworks.

Platform: iPad/iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Rainer Kohlberger