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Realtime Dithered Screen Capture [openFrameworks]


Using code that Zach Lieberman posted on the oF forums which allows you to show the pixels directly below the OF app window in a texture, Jesus Gollonet created this little experiment which converts all content below the window into dithered image. This allows you to move the window around the screen exploring the dithered space in color image/video/etc.


Realtime dither code by Jesus Gollonet:
Discussion + sample code on OF forum:,2946.0.html

“using a b&w video might not be the best idea, but couldn’t resist dithering over an op art exhibition


Above: A short film documenting the opening night of an OP ART exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1966. It contains many interesting art works, contemporary at the time of filming, and even some quick interviews with some of the artists, such as David Hockney. Sometimes it comes across as a poke at the so-called art experts and New York in-crowd. more.