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Reincarnation [openFrameworks]



Created to accompany the visual performance by the Rambert Dance Company at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Mehmet Akten created these abstract visual layers containing subtle hints of human forms and motion, which could tie in with the movement of the dancers on stage.

The visuals in the embedded video clip is not how they will be in the final Rambert performance. This is just a standalone piece born from working on the Rambert performance.

The piece was created with a custom app written in C++ using openFrameworks, openCV and openGL. It performs optical flow and contour analysis on the incoming video feed (720p 60fps footage of dancers), and the results are fed into a cellular automata system running a kind of fluid simulation. I say kind of, because its physically more of a mockulation than a simulation. A while ago I created a similar piece. Since then I”ve cleaned it up a lot, and improved (hacked at) it quite a bit, learning to shape and use it better. I’ll be releasing a general cellular automata library soon aimed at such fluid-like simulations.

See more images on Flickr.

Mehmet Akten is known for his interactive audio-visual projects. He is currently running the London based studio MSA Visuals Ltd – The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company – and has worked with many international brands. Mehmet also has a number of iPhone apps in the AppStore, you can check out here.

For more information on Mehmet’s work see his website and MSA.