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ShadowPlay by Kyle McDonald – ‘Experimental interaction paradigm’ at YCAM

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‘Shadowplay’ shows an experimental interaction paradigm built with the Projector Camera Toolkit, developed during Guest Research Project v.1 at YCAM Interlab by Kyle McDonald. The videos below demonstrate ‘shadowplay’ experiments, built around the idea of using two projectors that are perfectly aligned. The projectors display the inverse images of each other, so that without interference the screen appears white. When an object enters the space, the structure hidden in the projection is revealed in the shadows.

The technical challenge of aligning the projections and calibrating the colors of the projection is solved with the Projector Camera Toolkit, using structured light scanning and some novel feedback-based calibration techniques.

ProCamToolkit is a collection software and code for openFrameworksaimed at making high level projector-camera calibration moreaccessible. ProCamToolkit is available under the MIT License and canbe downloaded from YCAMInterLab Github. Most of ProCamToolkit iswritten in an extremely modular way, making it possible to borrowsnippets of code, including some chunks that are written with the goalof being contributed to the openFrameworks core. ProCamToolkit alsoincludes work in progress towards new installations being developedduring Guest Research Project vol.1 at YCAM InterLab. This includes experiments with augmented shadows using multiple projectors, andprojection mapping in the YCAM library.

Built with openFrameworks.

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