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Snake the Planet! – Adopting classic mobile phone game for the urban canvas

snaketheplanet_07 copy

“Snake the Planet!” by MPU takes the classic mobile phone game ‘Snake’ and adopts it for the urban canvas. The software developed in openFrameworks first scans the environment then each level is generated individually and based on the selected facade. Windows, door frames, pipes and signs all become boundaries and obstacles in the game. Shapes and pixels collide with these boundaries like real objects. The multi player mode lets players intentionally block each other’s path in order to destroy the opponent, tron-like competitive element, where one player can intentionally block the others’ path to win the game.

Concept and programming: MPU – / Lukasz Karluk, Rene Christen and Nick Clark
Film Production: Publicis Mojo –
Finch –
Director: Alexander Roberts
Creative Producers: Tim Buesing (Publicis Mojo), Emad Tahtouh (Finch)
Soundtrack: Tobio ! – Clock Wonk –

Made with openFrameworks + More photos here.