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Sonic Wire Sculptor [iPad, oF] – Preview

The team behind Sonic Wire Sculptor have just provided us with details about their new version of sws for the iPad. The video below shows Shantell Martin playing with the before unseen beta version of Sonic Wire Sculptor. Great news is that the new version comes with custom sample loading, here Shantell is using some from The team plans to submit the iPad version for approval next tuesday, but as these things gotheres no way to be totally sure (Zach).

The sws development team is led by Zach Gage and Amit Pitaru. Other contributors include Zach Lieberman and James Paterson.

Sonic Wire Sculptor about:
Sonic Wire Sculptor is based on a musical instrument by Amit Pitaru which has been shown in museums and galleries world wide. The Sonic Wire Sculptor turns your 3D drawing into sound. It introduces a simple yet deep connection between visual and audio composition. read more..

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    • Bruno Afonso

      It would

    • Bruno Afonso

      It would be interesting to associate different samples to different lines and somehow entrain it to a rhythm so it could be used with other stuff

    • haj

      still waiting for ipad version

    • Vocal Samples

      I have got one of these music producer packs on my IPAD it really struggles with some of my larger song tracks it takes like 10 minutes to load them.