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Sum05 by Lia – Generative experience for iPhone and iPad

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Sum05 is the latest iPhone/iPad application by the austrian artist Lia. The app invites the user to “collaborate” with the machine in the discovery of randomly placed obstacles created by the machine. Together you play to create images that are constantly new, instantly becoming history, never to reappear the same again.

In the tradition of apps released by Lia, the app requires no previous expertise or training to be used. Instead, basic functions are available – shake, tilt and tap. You can shake the device to get a random color selection, tap to reposition the elements randomly: tap on the left side to get more, tap on the right side to get fewer elements; how high you tap changes the way the lines curve. Double-tap will restart all elements on the bottom of the screen and triple-tap for a neutral white color. Tilt the device to change the movement of the elements on screen.

The app is available for free on the AppSore. Created with openFrameworks.

Download | Project Page

  • Wow, looks amazingly like something I published a while ago. My code isn’t protected, so I guess this is to be expected.

  • idontthinkso

    Do you know the work of Lia? She has been doing this since ages, I think since around 1995…