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Sweet New Toy [iPhone, openFrameworks]



underdoeg aka Philip Whitfield has just posted this video on Flickr that shows iPhone sending touch information to a pen plotter plugged into a computer.

There is something quite wonderful about the realtime physical translation of touch motion on the iPhone. Whilst I understand the set-up to be quite complex, utilising OSC or similar plus this kind of realtime feedback would only be possible with the pen plotters, no ink-jets would be able to do any of this. Wonderful..

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(via @d_effekt)

  • raul

    Why do you need an iPhone to draw on a paper through a robot, instead to draw with a pen by yourself???
    Innecesary technology!

  • underdoeg

    Agreed! very unnecessary! :)
    This was but a test if our wireless server that provides an api to access the cutter is working. And the advantage of the iPhone is that you can stand wherever you want while testing.

  • Your iPhone and that robot is just a tool.
    It's just cool to see the translation from something digital to physical (in a time where this is most of the time otherwise).

  • It would be nice to see this into action with far distance communication. Like keeping printer in rural places in villages where people dont have iphones and stuff and people from cities can send them useful messages…

  • It's very cool and not unnecessary at all, in fact there are various artistic possibilities with this. You just need to wrap your mind around more than one corner. There are tons of artistic moves one can make inbetween the transition from digital to analog. And the base for it all is what you see above. Awesome.

  • I couldn't have said it better..

  • I prefer the idea of it being unnecessary.

  • tudd ster

    Very sweet toy.

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