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Swipin’ Safari for iOS – Virtual safari across an infinite painting

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Created by Jeremy Rotsztain for Safari, an online exhibition for SPAMM, Swipin’ Safari is an app for iOS and the vehicle for taking a virtual safari across an infinite painting. With each gesture, you encounter new species of brush strokes and colorful patterns which endlessly redraw, generate, connect and change colour.

The app was created using openFrameworks and optimizes its drawing routine by determining which shapes are on screen — and only draws those shapes. The active area (what you see on screen when you run Swipin’ Safari) is directly in the center, displayed as a red rectangle. Active shapes are drawn in full-color, while non-active shapes are drawn as outlines with points. The bars at the bottom show the distribution and placement of shapes in relation to the camera area. Make sure you check out the superb hidden easter egg – “debug view” – by holding your finger on the top right corner of the screen for around 5 seconds.

Swipin’ Safari was created for Safari, an online exhibition for SPAMM (Super Art Moderne Musuem) that was curated by Michaël Borras (Systaime) and LaTurbo Avedon.

Project Page | AppStore Download (Free)

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  • Is it one swiping motion and one speed? are you able to rotate orientation or angle? hm.. cool otherwise