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Test Screen [openFrameworks]


Created by Jasper van Loenen using OpenFrameworks and Arduino, Test Screen is an installation designed with a physical interface for single purpose and to allow the viewer to see inside the complexity of the code involved. Included are a total of 93 switches and knobs allowing the user to alter properties of what may seem like a regular test screen. Instead, this test screen is made out of several objects in 3D space which all need the have exactly the right position, shape, scale and color. By altering the properties to his or her own liking, the normally fixed image is turned into a design tool driven by the user’s aesthetic preference.

Project page

You can download the desktop version of the app here to get a feel for the composition. Please bear in mind it’s meant to run using a dedicated interface. Due to the limitations of a keyboard, the other parameters can’t be controlled (arrow keys and + – to control the camera).

Jasper studied Interaction Design at the ArtEZ Institute for the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands and currently works as an independent designer in the field of interaction / information design and art. His interest lies in taking stuff away from the computer screen and finding ways to look at and interact with information in a different and more interesting way.