The Field of Hope – 2015 Milan EXPO China Pavilion

Designed by Tsinghua University team led by Danqing Shi, The Field of Hope is a  lighting installation for the 2015 Milan EXPO China Pavilion. It consists of 30,000 metal “straws”, each with a LED diffuser tip,  functioning as a 3-dimensional pixel display field.

The installation provides visitors with two perspectives of the installation; First person – a descending slope at the entrance leads visitor to gradually merge into the “field”. As visitors descend into the field the relative heights of the plants grow up representing the season changes. Third Person – visitors walk up through an ascending ramp to the panorama platform at the second floor. With a broad view of the field from above, the blinking pixels can be seen together as an entire image rendering China’s landscapes.

The project was created using openFrameworks, using a custom developed parametric design simulation engine.

Artist: Danqing Shi; Installation Design: Xiaojin Xi, Danqing Shi; Technical Consultant: Feng Xian; Animation Design: Zhigang Wang, Danqing Shi; CG Production: e-go CG; Sound Design: Dai Dai, Zhixu Wang; Music Composer: Xiangguo Yu

Project Page | Danqing Shi

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