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The Wombats – Techno Fan [openFrameworks]


“TECHNO FAN” is a music video created for The Wombats by Memo Akten and Barney Steel.

“We received a locked down signed off edit of live footage that had been rejected by the label. We were asked to process and stylise it. We worked with Memo Akten at to create a custom openframeworks app that we used to process the rotoscoped edit.”  

More images on thefoundcollective

Director: Barney Steel; Compositing / Post: Raoul Paulet, Barney Steel, James Medcraft; Software development: Memo Akten


  • hansi

    i like the confetti button. 
    the video also. 

  • secos

    marvelous !!!!!!!

  • Nice technology they´ve got for the vid right here, no doubt, but the fact the design resource is the principal element in it makes me think the triangles are the new flourishes & swirls (sigh). Lots of illustrators felt into temption aswell in the form of diamonds and bucks.  What´s the f$%·&ing deal with bucks anyway?    Hmmm, on the other hand “Diamonds and Bucks” sounds like a cool name for band or a “conceptualist artist” XD or else.