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Trace Modeler [openFrameworks]


Created by Karl D.D. Willis, Trace Modeler is an application that uses real-time video to create three-dimensional geometry. The silhouette of a foreground object in a video frame is subtracted from the background and used as a two-dimensional slice. At user-defined intervals new slices are captured and displaced along the depth axis. The result is a three-dimensional model defined by silhouette slices over time.

Trace Modeler was built using the openFrameworks and the OpenCV library to recognize contours from the video image. Source code is available for download here.

Project Page

(re-descovered via Cedric Kiefer)

See also Beautiful Modeler [iPad, openFrameworks]

  • Doh, beat me to it! Working on something very similar in Cinder, but cuts outlines from paper as the output. Forging on anyway. GREAT WORK!

  • Joshua K.

    Does someone know how to build the project with Xcode?

  • How far did you get Joshua?

  • Lynn

    holy moly! This is it! This is what I wanted 2 years ago, but couldn’t figure out!
    Awesome work. Thank you. :)