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Trace Ribbon – An emergence by movement

Created by Shohei Fujimoto, Trace Ribbon is a device that automatically and continuously records and plays back movement. From reading the movements of the user via Leap Motion, it mirrors an organism that does not actually exist while simultaneously gaining an understanding of the rules of the movements that are physically taking place.

Set in the external space of the 21_21 exhibition ‘Motion Science’ in Tokyo until 27th September, the installation invites visitors to interact with Leap Motion device by manipulating the distance of hand to the device. In doing so, the angle of rotation arm alters, thus manipulating the radial movement of the ribbon attached to the arm. The project explores an emergence that occurs when connections is made through movement, from the user to object – in this case a ribbon.

Created using openFrameworks, stepper motor, servo motor, Leap Motion, Mbed and a ribbon.

Shohei Fujimoto

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