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Visua Musio by WOW – Music compositions using geometric shapes

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Created by AppArt, Visua Musio is a new iPad application from the japanese collective allowing users to create experimental sound compositions using geometric shapes.

Since the early 20th century experimental filmmakers and animators have been intrigued by the relationships between sight and sound, visual imagery and musical composition, and have explored these in new and exciting forms of expression. These expressions are called “Visual Music” and have had a lasting influence on modern computer animation and motion graphics.

The app includes a canvas which is in fact the timeline and you can swipe through it back and forth. Adding shapes to the canvas populates the sound timeline. Pick a shape, colour and position in the timeline. Your compositions can be shared online and accessed on

Visua Musio was created using openFrameworks and Objective-C.

Download on the AppStore ($2.99)