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Analogue Systems – Kinaesthetic tools for digital processes

Performed at the Camberwell College of Arts with six graduating graphic design students, Analogue Systems is a project that draws inspiration from the overworked arguments of superiority between analogue and digital process. The project has been realised as a teaching tool with students who have spent the past three years refining their practice within the Adobe Creative Suite.

After becoming increasingly disillusioned with the methods by which this software is taught, Analogue Systems has become an alternative remedy to a YouTube tutorial reliant way of learning. The project translates the language of Adobe Creative Suite and brings it into a physical environment, asking participants to take part in a collaborative poster workshop by giving them a series of film synopses and a brief that asks them to visualise them. The aim of the project is for their physical workshop to be used as a kinaesthetic teaching tool, by getting each participant to work with tools lecturers have designed in the same manner that they would be used within the Adobe Creative Suite.

In essence the idea is that everyone involved within the workshop will be able to take what they have learned and reapply it within a digital program, gaining a greater understanding and appreciation for the ease in creating artwork that digital software has provided.

Credits: Conrad Harshaw, Alex Needham, Isaac Simpson, Tom Stone, Tom Sutcliffe and Lewis Trevor with thanks to Jim Fielding, Sigune Hamann, Tracey Waller and The Cursors.

Camberwell College of Arts

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