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3D Soundclash [Processing]


In February 2010, the Red Bull Music Academy prompted Warp Records and Ninja Tune for a Soundclash on a 3D sound system, staged in the Loading Bay of the Royal Albert Hall. FIELD developed a generative real-time application especially for this event, which motion designers Quayola and Thomas Traum used to design and perform soundreactive visuals for the sets of Plaid, Clark, Mira Calix and many more.

The sound-reactive visuals span 5 screens in line with the immersive sound setup. 3D shapes rendered in realtime, animated textures and shaders, and mouse-controlled camera motion allowed for a huge range of styles and endless flights through an abstract universe. With the same tool Thomas Traum designed the title sequences to announce each artist in the Soundclash.

The Soundclash app is a standalone multi-window renderer that spans several screens with one huge canvas. The numerous scenes were prepared in a separate Editor application based on an EMF model, which allowed the team to control a long list of parameters in detail and save the settings in an XML file. For the show we then had hands free to control the Soundclash application with keys and mouse, using the Processing PeasyCam and the Minim library for the sound interaction. Thomas Traum and Quayola designed over 40 different scenes with textures and animated GLSL shaders with the Editor tool. The application was built in collaboration with Minivegas, commissioned by Nexus Productions and onedotzero. See full credits here.

You can see more images from the event on FIELD’s flickr.

FIELD is a London based graphic design studio using generative strategies, led by Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn.