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Bitalizer [Processing]



Bitalizer is a project by Brian Reavis in attempt to visualize bits of data, ‘01010’ in files in the form of structure. What the code does is take the bits, analyses and draws a line that is bent according to 1s and 0s. If a bit is ‘1’, the line is bent down; if a bit is ‘0’, the line is bent up. Each visualization starts from a small yellow dot (sometimes it’s hard to see). From there, the line gets bent around according to the bits of the sequence. Every 8 bits, the color of the line is set to represent the byte that those 8 bits collectively represent (a number from 0 to 255).

Like many projects we mention on CAN, Bitalizer demonstrates beauty in sometimes the simplest of things. As simple as zeros and ones, the way this information is visualized can produce some amazing results. Animations, generative visualizations Bitalizer produces are wonderful, growing and expanding as the data is read.

You can either download the source code and have a play yourself or alternatively there is an online gallery set-up on the site where you can upload your own files, pick the colors you wish to use and watch the bits do their thing.

Next step for Bitalizer is ability to scan the whole harddrive. Here is what Brian says:

I’m really wanting to see how all the bits on my hard drive look, but in order to do that, I’m going to need to let my computer sit unused while the program runs. I’m simply not sure if it’s possible for me to handle that…

Exciting projects and we look forward to seeing more but in the meantime, go ahead and play with some of your files.



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